A Place to Chill and Bond!

CANAAN is a rest area built specially for all to bond and build on their relationship.
The comfortable and inviting environment makes it conducive for visitors to spend their time on their work
or just relax watching their favourite movies on NETFLIX.

The café at Canaan is a great place to chit chat over trivial matters or even short discussions over a cup of coffee. The café is well stocked with beverages and healthy snacks to munch on while working over your laptop or catch-up with our staff.
We conduct monthly gatherings with our Lifeblood beneficiaries & their caregivers to engage them in group activities and to share any problems they faced with our staff & volunteers. This initiative has provided a wholesome support to our beneficiaries as they battle their illnesses. Not only do they receive support from our staff & volunteers, they also share their experiences with other beneficiaries who are facing the same problems, and this always brings a comfort to tide over the challenging period. This café is also open to all parents of our student care centre and football programme.