Formed in 2001, Promisedland Community Services (PCS) has been dedicated to provide help and social service to cancer patients, needy families, children and youths. There are two different departments in PCS which provides help and support to different beneficiaries. More about us


Lifeblood Centre started with the purpose of helping Thalassaemia and Cancer patients. The service started with the hope of easing the financial burden of these patients and their immediate families.


The sole purpose of EF is to develop children and youths regardless of their family background, social and financial status. Every child and youth are given a chance to fulfill their best potential through our programmes and services.

Dedicated to provide help & social service

After 14 years in the community, PCS has been helping many cancer patients and their family members. We also help children and youths from low income or single parent families in their school work as well as character building. We hope to continue providing our services to those who are in need. Help us make a difference.

“We can only do so much by helping them feel that there are people in society that bears their problems with them and by helping the patients have a positive mindset in the recovery process.”

PCS Team and Volunteers