Football Academy

Football Program for Youths Under 16

“We play not just to win games. We play to win our lives”

This motto of the Football Academy sums up the whole objective of this program. Through sports, we educate the players with good character traits like teamwork, respect, determination, etc. We have seen positive changes in the lives of many of the players through sports.

We can notice from the newspapers that youth-related issues are on the rise: drugs, crimes, gangs, etc. The youths are starting to lose focus in life. Exposure to media and the internet plays a big role in all of these issues.

This is why we believe that sports are a good way to influence them. By being part of a team, the boys are able to find all the comforts they need. This is much better than them joining gangs and engaging in wrong activities. Working together towards a common goal helps the boys in finding the recognition they need.

Through this program, we have seen changes in the children’s attitude towards their studies and also lives. By teaching the children to have a good character, we are giving them a good attitude for life.



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