Mile For A Smile 2016

Promisedland has been providing assistance and support to our beneficiaries suffering from Thalassemia and cancer. We are having a Mile for A Smile support movement for March. We urge you to get friends, family members or colleagues to join us in this movement.

Go for a run, jog or walk at your convenience and after that show us the distance you covered. There is no required distance. Take a picture with your friend showing the distance you covered.

Post the picture on your Instagram or Facebook. After which, please make a donation to Promisedland in support of our beneficaries.

Spread the message to your friends. Lets together become a rainbow to our beneficaries. 

Mile For A Smile 2016 Movement:

1. Invite a friend/ colleague or family member for a walk/jog or run
2. Take a picture together showing the distance covered
3. Post on your instagram ‪#‎pcsm4s2016‬, on your facebook tag Promisedland Community Services
4. Make a donation of $50 or $100 at either…/mile_for_a_smile_2016
5. Spread the message to your friends.

Every Life has a Promise. 

Mile For A Smile 2016