Chinese New Year – Bring Reunion To Your House!

Chinese New Year Reunion dinner brings families back together to celebrate kinship and love – two things that Promisedland Community Services want to emphasize in the community, as well as among our own beneficiaries. We delivered reunion dinners for some 30 families to be able to bring joy and warmth during this festive season. A number of our beneficiaries struggle financially to pay for their household expenses, and the dinner had allowed them to enjoy a good meal for the Chinese New Year. We also see families reuniting with ill patients for the new year – it is a joyous sight to see.

This event would not have been a success without the generous support of these companies below:

Jiale Buffet Services, who sponsored 30 Chinese New Year Reunion Set Meals for 30 families and came as volunteers to help to deliver the food items.
Roel Marketing Services, who sponsored 30 boxes of Mandarin Oranges.

Not to forget our volunteers who came down to help in this meaningful event! Thank you for the time and effort!

PCS would like to wish everyone 新年快乐!身体健康!喜气洋洋!